Common Responsibilities

Accountability Procedures

Check-In: All deployed personnel must check in upon arrival to the incident site. This is typically with the Plans Section and normally uses an Incident Check-In List (ICS-211).

Incident Action Plan (IAP): The IAP drives incident operations and tasks. Changes must be communicated and coordinated with the OSC who communicates and gets approval of the IC/UC.

Unity of Command: All members of the ICS organization will have only one direct supervisor. This will prevent accountability breakdowns.

Span of Control: Adequate supervision by supervisors is a must. Within ICS, a manageable span of control varies between 3–7 personnel or functions per supervisor. A 1 to 5 ratio is preferred.

Resource Tracking: Any changes in resource status (available, assigned, or out-of-service) should be recorded by the supervisor and reported to the RESL. Effective accountability is reliant on everyone committing to a common resource tracking method.