Suprglottic Airway

Indications: Need for ventilator assistance or airway control and other airway management is inadequate or ineffective.

Supraglottic Airway (King LT): If the patient is in cardiac arrest and not actively vomiting, has no airway edema, stridor or caustic ingestion then insert supraglottic airway with a maximum of 2 attempts. An attempt at insertion is defined as the insertion of the airway into the patient’s mouth.

Confirm airway placement by auscultating, looking for chest rise and ETCO2.


King LT Size345
Connector ColourYellowRedPurple
Recommended Patient Height4-5 feet
5-6 feet
greater than 6 feet
(180 cm)
O.D/I.D.14mm / 10mm14mm / 10mm14mm / 10mm
Cuff Pressure60cm H2O60cm H2O60cm H2O
Cuff Volume45-60 ml60-80 ml70-90 ml