Medical Cardiac Arrest

Indications: No Pulse with altered LOA and ≥ 30 days of age, AED advises “Shock” or Manual Defibrillation if patient is in VFib or pulseless VT

AED Defibrillation: If ≥ 30 days of age deliver 1 shock (energy preset by BHP) every 2 min to max of 4 shocks.

Manual Defibrillation:  If ≥ 30 days of age but < 8 years of age deliver 1 shock every 2 min to a max of 4 shocks (1st shock at 2J/kg and next 3 shocks at 4J/kg or as pre-programmed by Base Hospital or the manufacturer) using pediatric attenuator cables if available.

If ≥ 8 years of age then deliver 1 shock every 2 min to a max of 4 shocks with energy settings preset by BHP without the use of pediatric attenuator cables.

Epinephrine: May give 1 dose Epinephrine (0.01mg/kg of 1:1,000 to max dose of 0.5mg) if suspected cause of arrest is anaphylaxis.

Medical TOR: Cardiac arrest is thought to be medical in nature and patient is at least 18 years of age and the arrest was not witnessed by EMS and there is no ROSC and there have been 0 shocks delivered.

CautionIconMandatory Provincial Patch Point: Following the 3rd analyze contact BHP to consider medical TOR. If the patch fails or medical TOR does not apply, then transport after 4th analysis.

Adult Medical Cardiac Arrest Algorithm